Bacchus 9/20/20

Bacchus 9/20/20

In October of 2017 my wife and I received our English Mastiff puppy from Whispering Winds. We were expecting our second child at the time and were looking for a gentle giant who would be an ideal companion for young children. 

We wound up choosing Whispering Winds because of their focus on temperament and general health of the animal as opposed to breeding “show dogs”. 

Our brindle male, who we named Bacchus, is now just over 200 lbs and is absolutely the sweetest, most loving dog either of us have ever owned. He sleeps on the floor in our older daughter’s room every night, follows the kids around our yard when they’re playing outside, and simply enjoys being together with his crew. He’s had no health problems whatsoever, aside from a few ear infections sustained after battles with our sprinkler system. 

We would strongly recommend Whispering Wind if you are considering an English or French Mastiff. John delivered us an incredible animal who lives up to the breeds noble reputation. We will not hesitate to reach out to John again when we are ready to bring another mastiff into our home. My experience has given me every indication that this is an exceptional breeder running an operation with integrity and compassion. 

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