Bacchus 9/20/20

In October of 2017 my wife and I received our English Mastiff puppy from Whispering Winds. We were expecting our second child at the time and were looking for a gentle giant who would be an ideal companion for young children. 

We wound up choosing Whispering Winds because of their focus on temperament and general health of the animal as opposed to breeding “show dogs”. 

Our brindle male, who we named Bacchus, is now just over 200 lbs and is absolutely the sweetest, most loving dog either of us have ever owned. He sleeps on the floor in our older daughter’s room every night, follows the kids around our yard when they’re playing outside, and simply enjoys being together with his crew. He’s had no health problems whatsoever, aside from a few ear infections sustained after battles with our sprinkler system. 

We would strongly recommend Whispering Wind if you are considering an English or French Mastiff. John delivered us an incredible animal who lives up to the breeds noble reputation. We will not hesitate to reach out to John again when we are ready to bring another mastiff into our home. My experience has given me every indication that this is an exceptional breeder running an operation with integrity and compassion. 

Bacchus 9/20/20

Duncan the Pumpkin!

“We lost our wonderful English mastiff in March of 2018, shortly thereafter we lost our beloved Newfoundland too. I knew I wanted another English mastiff, but I have always loved the Dogue de Bordeaux too. They are just a little more difficult to find. In June of 2018, as I was browsing websites for dogs, I came across Whispering Winds mastiffs and saw that John Troyer breeds both English and French mastiffs. I sent John an email asking if he was expecting any Bordeaux puppies and he immediately replied that he would hopefully have a litter in November. I asked him to contact me if so, and sure enough I received an email after Thanksgiving that 7 puppies had arrived! I immediately started a correspondence with John, and within a few days my husband and I traveled to his amazing farm to meet the puppies and John’s family. It was an incredible experience on every level!!! We brought Duncan home on January 5, 2019 and he has been a perfect fit with our 5 other dogs. He is best friends with our new English mastiff male who is only 6 months older but already 120 pounds! Duncan has been sweet, loving and rotten all at the same time and waking up to that adorable smooshy face every morning automatically puts a smile on my face! He is very well socialized already, and I attribute much of that to the fact that John’s puppies are handled and loved on everyday. If you are looking for a great quality mastiff I highly recommend Whispering Winds mastiffs and John Troyer!”

Duncan the Pumpkin!

Absolutely Perfect Bordeaux Puppy!

We definitely had a good experience with you John. Little miss Molly is doing great- she fits right in with the rest of our mastiff family. She has her 12 week appointment and shots coming up on Thursday and I think she’ll break 20 pounds. She likes to eat and doesn’t miss a chance to get a treat.  Shes very tenacious and feisty; she chases the cats and the dogs around the house. She’s growing fast and her personality is very prominent. She’s been a wonderful addition to our home and I would definitely consider getting another puppy from you in the future.


Our Diesel

During the Year of 2017, I was talking with my kids about finally getting another puppy after not having a dog for almost 8 years.  I had been a loyal Boxer owner for 20 years (and still love the Breed) but had wanted to possibly look into another Breed.   MASTIFFS.   I thought i wanted a Bull Mastiff and had been on the lookout for the right time and breeder,

We live in Raleigh, NC, but went home for Christmas 2017 to Charlottesville VA.  While visiting, my kids Goggled Mastiffs close to our location…….BAM…..Whispering Wind Bordeaux and Mastiffs….and they had a current litter born December 6th.  2017.   Of course the kids and I had to call.  John answered, and i explained we were in town for a couple of days and had never seen a litter of mastiffs… would it be possible to see them?

John invited us up to check out the litter.  While there we not only got to check out the litter, but we got to meet Oscar and the Dames.   After “Shaking Hands” with Oscar we went to meet the 9 pups.  As it usually goes,we went from just looking at the litter because we hadn’t seen a litter of English Mastiffs to which one do we want to put a deposit down on?

Over the course of the next few days and weeks, I couldn’t have asked for John to do anything more than he did for the kids and I.  He sent photos; He sent videos; Videos of the 2 different pups we were deciding between; What ever we needed to make the best decision, John was more than willing to do. In the beginning, thinking about a 230 lbs. dog, I was a little concerned in the back of my mind.  Not ever having a dog close to this big.   But Diesel’s  temperament, companionship, personality, and intelligence have put my worries to rest.

Diesel is now a year old, weighed 165 lbs. on his birthday..(could have been more, but didn’t want too much weight too fast),  and I’m SO looking forward to the next few years with my BUDDY!!

God Bless,

Raleigh NC

Our Diesel

Update on Hanky

Hello to you, John,

Our love for our Hanky is tremendous.  In the beginning we knew we loved him but he’s so much more than just our buddy, he’s truly such a big part of our family.  I can’t thank you enough for blessing us with him.

Here are a few pictures I thought you might like.  He’s quite a character with a personality even bigger than him!  And he’s the most loyal companion I’ve ever known – always wherever we are.

I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.

Kindest regards,

Beth Hyde

Update on Hanky

Costa Rica Puppy!

At the beginning of October 2017, we were looking to add a new member to our family.  We had already 2 small dogs but wanted to get a bigger one like our dead dog Homer, an English Mastiff.


So, we have found “Norbert”, a lovely brindle Mastiff puppy on internet.  We have quickly contacted John to make sure it was still available.  John was very kind with us answering all our questions.  As we live in Costa Rica, we have made a FaceTime call to see each other, is was a nice way to create contact instead of seeing each other in person.


We have explained to John that we already known the breed and that we were in love with Norbert.  John has listened to us and has followed our needs and hearing our heart.  He has made a nice work contacting the airline company to get all information about exporting a puppy from USA to Costa Rica.  On our side, we have put John in contact with our broker in Costa Rica.  All together we did an amazing team work to prepare Norbert for his long trip to our home.


Everyday, we were in contact to follow step by step all the process.  John has send us Norbert’s pictures and videos each time we have asked for it.  It was a pleasure to see Norbert playing!!


And finally, on October 11th, 2017 Norbert has arrived in San Jose where we were waiting for him!!  He was so happy to meet his new family! And we were too!


I said many times thank you to John for his great cooperation. For him, it was the first time that he had to send a puppy out of USA. So again, THANK YOU JOHN!!!  Norbert is with us since almost one month and he makes us so happy.


Suzie, Stephan, Maggie, Ariane

Balthazar, Yolanda and Norbert

Costa Rica Puppy!

We Love our Zeus!

Thank you John for a wonderful experience! Our journey to find a new furry companion for our family was pleasantly answered. Your communication was so reassuring as we waited to meet our beautiful and sweet boy! He arrived all cozy in his crate and he came home to our family and we have loved on him ever since. He is super smart and has learned the bell to go outside, sit on command and he’s been the best little brother to our big boy Hooch. We cannot thank you enough!

We Love our Zeus!

Thank you soooo much!

I’m 2016 we were blessed to find THE dog we had been searching for for months! Mr. Apricot came to us when he was 8 weeks old and we lovingly decided his name should be Gimli. John was awesome to work with. We had never purchased a dog long distance and John set our mind at ease and helped us the whole way thru the process. Gimli is an amazing natured dog. He loves kids and people in general. He is now 17 months old and is still all puppy in about a 180 lb body but we LOVE it! He is a blessing to us! Thank you John and Whispering Winds for such a wonderful experience!


Sara K Pipkin

Thank you soooo much!

Wonderful Experience!

I just received my new puppy from John Jr.
We are madly in love!!
We picked Mr.Sammy up from his flight from Virginia to Los Angeles and he was perfect.
He was sent in a nice crate with comfy bedding and arrived beautiful and clean.
He is 8 weeks old and 24 lbs and the smartest puppy I’ve ever had.
I’ve had him 5 days and he has not had one accident in the house.
He ia a big mushy love bug and my sons and their friends are all over him and he loves it.
Mr. Sammy was obviously raised with lots of love and affection because he is so social and well adjusted.
Thank you John Jr. for sending this angel to protect our family!!!!

Steve Saint Amour Family

We are in love with our English Mastiff puppy, Pippa!  She is not only a beautiful Mastiff but her personality is best described as sweet, loving, even tempered, outgoing and smart.  We brought her home at eight weeks with lots of great advice and encouragement from John, the owner and breeder of Whispering Wind Mastiffs.  Our vet stated at her initial visit and follow on appointments that Pippa was a beautiful dog and in perfect health.


When we visited the puppies at Whispering Wind Mastiffs and Bourdeaux, we were impressed with John, and his entire brood.  He obviously cares a great deal of the breeding and welfare of the Mastiff line.


As a family, we are very happy with our new addition and fully satisfied with Whispering Wind Mastiffs!

Excellent Experience!

We had such an amazing experience with John and Whispering Wind Mastiffs.  This past October we purchased our Hank (a fawn male English Mastiff) from John; however, our communications with him began long before then – John was so kind in giving us weekly updates on how our puppy was progressing.  Because we’d requested pictures, he was very generous with his time and took photos of our Hank, so we could see the changes he was making from week-to-week.


For as great as our experience was with John and Whispering Wind Mastiffs, though, the real blessings took place once we got our fella home.  He so quickly won our heart and became a very easy part of our family – he brings us so much joy.  John bred a tremendous dog; learning commands and what was acceptable (and what wasn’t) so quickly.  At almost 3-1/2 months old, Hank is completely house trained and is so well-adjusted.  Our vet has commented several times about his friendly disposition and laid-back personality – this is directly attributable to John and how he raises his puppies.


John and Whispering Wind Mastiffs will be who we go to for our next English Mastiff.  Everything about our experience has been above and beyond what we’d ever expected.


Beth Hyde

Knoxville, TN

Soooo Happy

“I’d like to take the time to tell you about my experience with John and  Whispering  Wind Kennels.  I first decided to get a dog after some heartbreaking events in my life.  After researching extensively, I decided upon the English Mastiff as the breed for me.  I had an unfortunate experience with a different breeder before I settled upon exploring other options.  I looked at a multitude of other English Mastiff breeders in the Midwest and Northeast.  Once I discovered John and his impressive setup at Whispering Wind, I realized that there just were no more comparisons to be made.  Seeing the beautiful Mastiffs John has produced through his impressive lines running freely along his extensive property was breathtaking.  All I can say was the experience was akin to purchasing prized horseflesh.  John is an excellent breeder and businessman.  His Mastiffs are incredible animals of amazing stature, noble bearing, and loving yet gentle temperament.  He has no bizarre or intrusive clauses in his purchase contract, and is always available to answer questions and aid you in the rearing of these powerful dogs.  Prior to your purchase, his pups are raised in his home alongside his family in a loving environment of utmost hygiene and health.  I was so happy with my first Mastiff from John in 2013 that I bought his younger brother in 2014.  These amazing boys have been incredibly positive additions to my life and home.  I am proud to call John my dedicated breeder and friend.  For the rest of my life, I will only own English Mastiffs, and I will only obtain them from John at Whispering Wind Kennels.


–Dave Rion MD…. in Pittsburgh”

Soooo Happy

Proud Family!

Proud Family!! Our search to become a mastiff owner took several months, finding the right breeder was not easy! When we found John it was very comforting to learn his knowledge of the breed as well as the history behind them. John was very easy to make the process of becoming new owners comforting. We live 17 hrs apart and John arranged a flight for her that was fast and healthy! When our puppy arrived at the airport she looked great! kennel he provided was clean, she also had both food and water! Now known as Bailey she is a great, uplifting new part of our family! We could not be more happy at the personality, and quality of our new addition. When we registered bailey, her papers soon came with her complete family history. It was so nice to see her generations before her! We are very blessed to have found her! Thank you for everything! the Bitz family.

Very Happy!!

Gorgeous Puppies!

Lisa and I began our search for 2  pups after losing our Lilly who was 10. We travelled from Harrisburg, PA to pick our new pups and returned 3 weeks later to bring them home.

John and his family were very warm to us and we liked being able to meet Moose and Bella’s parents. The pups were clean and well cared for. It was well worth the 8 hour trip each direction to get such beautiful, healthy, and friendly pups. We absolutely love them and they instantly became part of our family. They are both so well marked and happy that wherever we go, people just have to come see them. Keeping the brother and sister together seems to have been a great thing — they love each other and play constantly.

Thank you John! It was a pleasure meeting you and your family and getting two great dogs!


Erik & Lisa

100% Happy! Happy

We came across our new addition ms apricot now officially referred to as Baylee on here from John. We could not be more pleased with her when we went to visit and look at the puppies, John was polite and gracious. The parents and the puppies were kept in clean and large areas. The parents are friendly and loving dogs. I was pleased that he gives a health guarantee with each puppy and you get a shot record with all the up to date shots and last worming.. I would definitely recommend him and his puppies to anyone looking for a great Mastiff. Baylee is smart she has in the short time we have had her learned to sit,shake and even come back to the door when she is done pot tying outside. We love her Thank You John

Thank you so much!!


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for Roxy.  Losing my almost 11 year old mastiff was the hardest thing I have been through in a long time.  Roxy is a refreshing distraction that is healing my heart.  She is happy and healthy and full of love and energy!  She has been spoiled rotten since we brought her home.  She has her own blankets and bed.  She loves her Kong frog toy best.  We throw it and she brings it right back to do it again.  She is clumsy but so gentle.  She has no idea how big and strong she is! She wants to kiss us and our beagle all the time.  She has lost at least 4 teeth that we know of since we brought her home.  Our visit to the vet last week was bitter sweet.  They all missed Mocha but fell in love with Roxy too! She has just been a joy.  Everyone has asked me where I got her and I happily tell them about you and that I would definitely recommend your puppies when they are interested.  Thank you also for meeting me half way to deliver her.


Great Breeder and Great Dogs Great Breeder, Great Dog

John is a great guy. Very kind and thoughtful as a breeder and as a businessman. Got us the greatest puppy. Would recommend highly.

Reviewer: Grayson

Beautiful Puppies Beautiful puppies

My husband and I just purchased a puppy from John Jr. Awesome man with an exceptional litter of puppies. It was hard to pick just one. They were all healthy,happy beautifully marked,friendly with just lovely personalities. I would recommend these puppies to everyone. What a joy !!! We had our vet go over our puppy from head to toe and he is in perfect health and looking great. John Jr is a man honesty and integrity. Just can’t go wrong here !!!

Reviewer: lynne

Great man with great puppies Great Man,Great Pups

We drove almost 6hrs to get our daughter’s Mastiff puppy Teddy(Mr Yellow)it was definitely worth the 12 hr round trip.John Jr was very nice & well prepared.our pup was clean friendly and healthy..He showed us all of his pups and adult dogs.You could tell they were well taken care of. If you are looking for a Mastiff puppy or a Bernese Mountain dog you can’t go wrong here..Teddy adjusted well and is loved and admired by all…The Fowler Family

Our new puppy Cash Our new puppy Cash

We just received our first puppy from John and I must say it was such a wonderful experience!!! We picked out our little man when he was only 1 week old and John sent us updates and pictures every week and just made it so special for my kids and I! I would recommend John and his puppy’s to anyone, he takes very good care of his doggys and we are so grateful for him!!!! Thanks John

Reviewer: Jacquelyn,