Our Diesel

Our Diesel

During the Year of 2017, I was talking with my kids about finally getting another puppy after not having a dog for almost 8 years.  I had been a loyal Boxer owner for 20 years (and still love the Breed) but had wanted to possibly look into another Breed.   MASTIFFS.   I thought i wanted a Bull Mastiff and had been on the lookout for the right time and breeder,

We live in Raleigh, NC, but went home for Christmas 2017 to Charlottesville VA.  While visiting, my kids Goggled Mastiffs close to our location…….BAM…..Whispering Wind Bordeaux and Mastiffs….and they had a current litter born December 6th.  2017.   Of course the kids and I had to call.  John answered, and i explained we were in town for a couple of days and had never seen a litter of mastiffs… would it be possible to see them?

John invited us up to check out the litter.  While there we not only got to check out the litter, but we got to meet Oscar and the Dames.   After “Shaking Hands” with Oscar we went to meet the 9 pups.  As it usually goes,we went from just looking at the litter because we hadn’t seen a litter of English Mastiffs to which one do we want to put a deposit down on?

Over the course of the next few days and weeks, I couldn’t have asked for John to do anything more than he did for the kids and I.  He sent photos; He sent videos; Videos of the 2 different pups we were deciding between; What ever we needed to make the best decision, John was more than willing to do. In the beginning, thinking about a 230 lbs. dog, I was a little concerned in the back of my mind.  Not ever having a dog close to this big.   But Diesel’s  temperament, companionship, personality, and intelligence have put my worries to rest.

Diesel is now a year old, weighed 165 lbs. on his birthday..(could have been more, but didn’t want too much weight too fast),  and I’m SO looking forward to the next few years with my BUDDY!!

God Bless,

Raleigh NC

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