Excellent Experience!

We had such an amazing experience with John and Whispering Wind Mastiffs.  This past October we purchased our Hank (a fawn male English Mastiff) from John; however, our communications with him began long before then – John was so kind in giving us weekly updates on how our puppy was progressing.  Because we’d requested pictures, he was very generous with his time and took photos of our Hank, so we could see the changes he was making from week-to-week.


For as great as our experience was with John and Whispering Wind Mastiffs, though, the real blessings took place once we got our fella home.  He so quickly won our heart and became a very easy part of our family – he brings us so much joy.  John bred a tremendous dog; learning commands and what was acceptable (and what wasn’t) so quickly.  At almost 3-1/2 months old, Hank is completely house trained and is so well-adjusted.  Our vet has commented several times about his friendly disposition and laid-back personality – this is directly attributable to John and how he raises his puppies.


John and Whispering Wind Mastiffs will be who we go to for our next English Mastiff.  Everything about our experience has been above and beyond what we’d ever expected.


Beth Hyde

Knoxville, TN

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